Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Do you want a Chief Marketing Officer but only need someone part-time?

One way to think about a Fractional CMO is as an “Executive-as-a-Service” through which you can get the exact type and amount of experience you need:

  • Instant On – Why recruit a CMO when you can hire a Fractional CMO fast? No hiring delays, headhunters, interviews, or relocations.
  • Convenience – Select from a roster of C-level experience and talent. No lifetime consultants.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – You only pay for what you need.
  • Always Current – Fractional CMOs are continuously sharpening their skill sets, which is no small challenge in this digital marketing era.
  • Backed Up – Each Fractional CMO should have an entire team of CMOs backing them up, reducing your risk and ensuring availability.

Nonprofit growth starts with vision – your vision. Armed with insights and the right resources, your vision becomes tangible by developing a roadmap from where you are today to where you’re headed.

You choose:

  • Incremental Growth – Continue tweaking your current products and processes using existing resources.
  • Substantial Growth – New insights, strategies, and capabilities to help your organization reach the next level, using the expertise of someone who has done it before.

Investment will vary based on the size and scope of your nonprofit. Please contact us for a confidential no-obligation consultation.