Westfall Gold Receives Nonprofit Excellence Award

The Center selected Westfall Gold to receive the Nonprofit Excellence Award for raising over $1 billion in donations for nonprofit organizations through their signature major donor events.

Since launching in 2002, Westfall Gold has become the leading producer of major donor events, having managed over 400 events. A Westfall Gold Major Donor Experience is the ultimate relational fundraising strategy — based not just on donor-centric messaging but a complete donor-centric experience.

Each three and a half-day weekend includes more than 17 distinct opportunities to build community among donors and to help them forge an unshakable relationship with the nonprofit.

By integrating major donor insight, event management, and creative services, Westfall Gold’s unique major donor experience deepen relationships between a nonprofit and its key supporters and result in an industry-leading return on investment.

Proven over the course of 400+ events, the signature Westfall Gold major donor weekend continues to produce exceptional results for nonprofit clients, generating an average ROI of greater than 5:1.

“Large and small nonprofits have used our model to move current and prospective givers into a deep personal and financial relationships with the organization,” said Bob Westfall, CEO of Westfall Gold, “All of the cultivation that typically takes 12 to 24 months is compressed into a single weekend.”

Hundreds of details go into creating this experience and must be executed with excellence. Nonprofit clients are supported with a client service team that sees to every detail with an incredible degree of professionalism: from site selection to meals, program flow, pillow gifts, registration, A/V, and so much more. Westfall Gold brings extraordinary focus to their weekends—so the nonprofit can focus exclusively on their donors.

For more information please contact Bruce Scott, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at (678) 730-0844 or [email protected].

About The Nonprofit Excellence Award

The Nonprofit Excellence Award was created by The Center to celebrate the nonprofits, funders, and industry experts who inspire us and change the world. Recipients are automatically entered into an exclusive lottery for a complete suite of OpX360® Smart Tools to use themselves or to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.  

Co-Founder Bob Lipps says, “We are committed to nonprofit excellence and celebrating the bright spots is one way we can help develop a thriving nonprofit community. Westfall Gold has set the standard for excellence in major donor events and an example worth following. Kudos to Bob and his team!”

Do you know a nonprofit, funder, or industry expert deserving of the Nonprofit Excellence Award? 

If you do, please leave a comment or message me. Recipients of the Nonprofit Excellence Award must demonstrate excellence in nonprofit breakthrough, boldness, or benevolence and preferably all three.


Marc is Co-Founder and Principal Advisor of The Center. For the previous 12 years, Marc served full-time as executive and practitioner in three significant yet very different nonprofits, overseeing extensive domestic and international operations.