About Us

It can be difficult to assess how well a nonprofit is truly performing. It also can be hard to know which operational areas need improvement — and how to improve them. That’s where The Capin Center for Nonprofit Excellence can help.


Our mission is to help nonprofits, funders, and industry experts work better together for the greatest impact and to achieve operational excellence.

The Center provides nonprofits, funders, and industry experts with a community where:

  • Best practice standards are compiled, developed, and promoted;
  • Nonprofits can assess their operational competency levels and learn the three most important steps to take next;
  • Funders can gain greater confidence in nonprofits and have the confidence to give more; and
  • Industry experts can create a dynamic, focused connection to better serve both nonprofits and major funders.

Please visit our Mission, Vision, and Strategy page for more information.