Fundraising, Marketing & Communications

As nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, and communications experts look to to the future, it is essential to embrace that change is certain and that to survive, let alone thrive, nonprofits will need to adapt quickly to how they respond to their funders and culture as a whole.

Based on the constant necessity for nonprofits to acquire and grow donors, understand the changes in what motivates donors to give, and adopt new technologies, there has never been a more challenging — and exciting — time for nonprofit fundraising, marketing, and communications. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

It’s time to review your Best Practice Areas.

Best Practices Subject Matter

  • Measurable Objectives & Outcomes with Regular Reporting
  • Integrated Marketing Plan Based on Strategic Priorities
  • Donor Growth, Funder Matching & Engagement Strategies
  • Communications, Technology & Social Media
  • Fundraising Ethics
  • Regulatory Compliance


Transactional vs. Transformational Giving: Nonprofit organizations and their donors have unwittingly created a culture of “transactional giving.” Today’s approach to fundraising is formulaic: offer a simple proposition describing what a specific donation will achieve.

Why Informed Givers are Bigger Givers: Something big happens when major donors become more knowledgeable in their giving — they give more. The U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy shows a clear link between charitable giving knowledge and gift size. Major donors who considered themselves as “expert” gave 7.9 times as much as “novice” donors.

Why Major Donor Development is Your Greatest ROI Opportunity: You may have seen this scenario play out before: you stretch yourself and your resources to raise enough funds to meet your organization’s current budget. Then, your board approves an increase in next year’s budget to meet the growing demand for your organization’s services.

Featured Recognized Experts

Westfall Gold Major Donor Events

The most effective strategy to accelerate major donor relationships

Launched in 2002, Westfall Gold ( exists to unlock transformational resources for life change around the world. Our highly-relational major donor retreats deepen engagement with prospective donors and compresses the cultivation cycle from 18-24 months to 3.5 days.

As major donor fundraising consultants, the Westfall Gold team has produced 360 major donor events raising over $750 million for non-profit organizations.  This unique event model works by bringing capacity, inclination, and community together in one, transformational experience.  The signature Westfall Gold major donor weekend consistently produces exceptional results for clients, generating an average return-on-investment of greater than 5-to-1.

For more information about Westfall Gold, please email [email protected].

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