Statement on Best Practices

When we meet at The Center, we can become the best versions of ourselves. To accomplish that, we must help identify and pursue best practices and operational excellence in all of our nonprofit endeavors.

As an organization that promotes and equips operational excellence for nonprofit organizations, The Capin Center for Nonprofit Excellence (The Center) partners with high-performing nonprofits, actively engaged funders/donors, and best-in-class professional experts who serve the nonprofit world. Together we develop and promote operational best practices for nonprofits, monitor and report on operational effectiveness and program outcomes, and agree to evaluation standards that yield organizational performance ratings. This collaboration between nonprofits, funders, and experts results in greater competence for nonprofits, more confidence for funders, and more mission accomplished.

To assist nonprofits in their pursuit of operational excellence, standing committees comprised of best-in-class nonprofits and experts (and funders where appropriate) collaborate in the development and maintenance of a circumspect set of best practice standards in the following six sections of nonprofit operations:

  1. Program Management & Accountability
  2. Fundraising, Marketing & Communications
  3. Governance, Legal & Risk Management
  4. Accounting & Financial
  5. People & Organizational Development
  6. Technology & Business Systems

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