Businesspeople looking at a tablet. Text reads: CapinCrouse Key Federal Tax Figures for 2024

2024 Key Federal Tax Figures

CapinCrouse’s 2024 Key Federal Tax Figures summary provides information you can use throughout the year. Download your free copy today.

100% of Board Giving Escapes Over 27% of Nonprofits

Only 73% of nonprofits indicated their Board of Directors are all active donors and give financially every year. This is according to a OpX360 Executive Study of 155 nonprofits benchmarking their marketing, fundraising, and communication practices suggesting a reluctance of some nonprofits to either fundraise from board members or require board giving.  BoardSource, another recognized leader in nonprofit board … Continue Reading

Recently Vetted Fundraising Expert Referrals Free to Nonprofits and Funders

The Capin Center for Nonprofit Excellence has added some new Recognized Experts in the Fundraising, Marketing & Communications specialty areas that we thought you be interested in knowing about. Recognized Experts are known and proven best-in-class providers who consistently demonstrate excellence, reliability, benevolence and integrity with their clients and other professionals. Here’s what our five newest Recognized Experts do: All … Continue Reading

How Nonprofits Increase Their Foundation Funding Through Best Practices and Technology

Nonprofits can increase their foundation funding by automating their manual grant management process through grant management smart tools that leverage industry best practices. There is no better time than now to demonstrate operational competence. What Are Grant Management Smart Tools? Grant management smart tools help foundations and nonprofits manage the grant process. Some tools are designed … Continue Reading

Financial Management Matters!

For our programs and ministries to be successful, we need to realize financial management matters. It is nearly impossible to accomplish the mission of your organization without cash and that is why financial management matters. Sometimes we are so focused on the specific program activities and outcomes that we neglect the infrastructure of the organization. … Continue Reading

Businesses Need Nonprofits as Much as Nonprofits Need Businesses

Why Do Businesses Need Nonprofits? Not long along, only a few enlightened businesses actively promoted social issues as part of their marketing and branding. Today, corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility are integral parts of almost every serious business plan.  Corporate philanthropy used to primarily take the form of a financial contribution and to a … Continue Reading

How One Nonprofit Sector is Benefitting from Community and New Funding They Did Not Create

While most companies are becoming greener, some businesses are actually baking sustainability into their businesses to create breakthrough innovations, larger profits, and infectious social good.  These ecologically-minded organizations are magnetizing consumers with a similar worldview to buy their products. And together with other like-minded individuals and entities, they are creating a “sustainable” community to help … Continue Reading

Why Are Board Members and Funders Still Using “Trust but Verify”​ When Measuring Nonprofit Effectiveness?

The phrase “trust but verify” was made famous by Ronald Reagan after the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev in December 1987. At the time, the Soviet General Secretary bantered, “You repeat that at every meeting.” Reagan replied, “I like it.” What was President Reagan really saying? He was saying, “I trust … Continue Reading