Why Your Nonprofit May Be Operating Below Operational Competence Levels (Part 2)

The Importance of Leadership The best nonprofit leaders understand that a good strategy and a healthy culture ultimately control the level of operational competence your organization will achieve. Strategy decides your flight plan for organizational effectiveness, impact, and sustainability by intentionally mobilizing people, allocating resources, and implementing systems to arrive at a predetermined destination. Culture … Continue Reading

Why Nonprofit Leaders Should Not Stop Talking About Best Practices

Nonprofit leaders share an instinct to maintain the minimum standard of operational competency in their respective areas of responsibility. In short, this is the common survival mechanism that allows our leaders to serve another day. When a drop in operational competency occurs anywhere within a nonprofit, the leader responsible experiences an immediate and unpleasant response … Continue Reading

Is Your Nonprofit Dead and You Just Don’t Know It Yet?

There are six main areas of operational competency for nonprofit organizations to maneuver and at any moment, your nonprofit could be at risk in any category. The six areas are: Program Management & Accountability Fundraising, Marketing & Communications Governance, Legal & Risk Management Accounting & Finance People & Organizational Development Technology & Business Systems It’s … Continue Reading