There Are Only Three Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit Fundraising Revenues

With hundreds of fundraising tactics to choose from, how great would you feel if you could walk in perfect assurance that you were making the right choices?

There are so many choices to choose from, aren’t there? You could increase your Facebook advertising. You could create a new landing page. You could raise your major donor fundraiser’s caseload. You could <fill in the blank>.

The Three Ways to Increase Your Fundraising Revenues

However you implement your fundraising, you will want to make sure that your actions are resting on one of these three pillars. You must carefully consider which strategies to prioritize as some are much more important than others. In fact, you should probably stop doing some things immediately.

The three ways to increase your fundraising revenues are:

  1. Acquire more new donors
  2. Increase your average gift size
  3. Accelerate the frequency of giving

By increasing any of the three components, you will see a lift in your revenues. By increasing all three, the growth can be exponential.


Marc is Co-Founder and Principal Advisor of The Center. For the previous 12 years, Marc served full-time as executive and practitioner in three significant yet very different nonprofits, overseeing extensive domestic and international operations.