Recently Vetted Fundraising Expert Referrals Free to Nonprofits and Funders

The Capin Center for Nonprofit Excellence has added some new Recognized Experts in the Fundraising, Marketing & Communications specialty areas that we thought you be interested in knowing about. Recognized Experts are known and proven best-in-class providers who consistently demonstrate excellence, reliability, benevolence and integrity with their clients and other professionals. Here’s what our five newest Recognized Experts do: All … Continue Reading

How Nonprofits Increase Their Foundation Funding Through Best Practices and Technology

Nonprofits can increase their foundation funding by automating their manual grant management process through grant management smart tools that leverage industry best practices. There is no better time than now to demonstrate operational competence. What Are Grant Management Smart Tools? Grant management smart tools help foundations and nonprofits manage the grant process. Some tools are designed … Continue Reading

How Your Nonprofit Can Increase Donations by Ignoring Competitive Impulses and Increasing Your Organizational Trustworthiness

Is there competition between nonprofits? Probably, even if it is not head-to-head competition.  Here’s why: In short, more nonprofits are seeking funds, less money is being donated, and fewer major donors are redistributing the same amounts of money. The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University reported that 20 million fewer households gave in … Continue Reading