How Weak IT Controls Can Affect Your Financial Statement Audit

Information technology (IT) now impacts every aspect of nonprofit operations, including financial operations. The days when an accountant, controller, or CFO could complete their work with paper, pencil, and a calculator are long gone. Today’s nonprofit organizations have dedicated accounting servers, staff workstations, online systems, and payment processors — all of which have cybersecurity risks and considerations.

With IT affecting financial operations so heavily, nonprofits need to view IT and cybersecurity as organization-wide concerns influencing every employee, department, and process, including their financial statement audits.

Financial auditors will continue to consider IT controls and processes and how these could affect the audit, and the questions they ask will evolve as the technology supporting an organization’s financial operations becomes more complex. That means it’s vital for your organization to understand the implications your IT environment can have on your financial statement audit.

How Weak IT Controls Can Affect Your Financial Statement Audit, a free e-book from CapinTech, a CapinCrouse company, can help. This comprehensive resource provides a guide to building and enhancing your organization’s control framework, with insights, examples, and best practices to help your nonprofit:
• Develop a greater understanding of how IT controls should be implemented
• Apply a realistic approach to common implementation obstacles
• Take practical steps to strengthen your IT control framework

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Amy Bucklin