For Nonprofits

Additional Nonprofit Services

Nonprofits grow in organizational excellence and get more funding

Objective Executive Review and Oversight
Test your strategies before and after you implement them
Independent Experts (i.e., specialists, practitioners, and executives) are available for objective review and oversight of projects, portions of projects or nonprofit organizations, as often as needed.

Practitioner-for-Hire Services
Get referred to the best professionals when you need them
Independent specialists, practitioners, and executives are available for hire to lead a project or assist existing nonprofit leadership to achieve the goals outlined against predetermined objectives and milestones.

Third-Party Monitoring
Be confident that reported progress and outcomes are real
Independent on-field monitors are available to provide objective third-party program validation against predetermined objectives and milestones to give funders greater confidence and assurance.

Partnerships, Alliances, and M&A
Create unprecedented synergies across the nonprofit ecosystem
The Center combines the most comprehensive mergers and acquisitions taxonomy with due diligence to match nonprofits and/or funders for partnerships, alliances, and M&A opportunities.

Real-Time Situation Room
Focused and time-sensitive think-tank solutions
A closed-door executive session with hand-selected Center leadership and experts, called by nonprofit or funder management, to avert crisis, provide damage control, or seize an opportunity.

Project-Funder Matching Services
Find funders who want to work with you
The Center combines the most comprehensive fundraising taxonomy with big data to match nonprofit projects, nonprofits, and funders in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Executive Job Matching 
Connect the right executive with the right position
The Center combines the most comprehensive jobs skills taxonomy with self-learning artificial intelligence and big data to instantly match employers and job seekers in a highly efficient manner.

OpX360 Online Operational Competency Diagnostic for Nonprofits 
Receive a personalized, comprehensive report including analysis and recommendations
Assessment includes all six areas of Best Practices with 60 questions in each area. Relevant and affordable for any nonprofit, regardless of size or sector.