Become a Recognized Expert

The Capin Center for Nonprofit Excellence provides best practice solutions to nonprofit leaders and their funders through referrals to trustworthy, vetted professionals and expert practitioners, called Recognized Experts.

Recognized Experts are known and proven best-in-class providers who consistently demonstrate excellence, reliability, benevolence, and integrity with their clients and other professionals.

The special designation of Recognized Expert is exclusively authorized, protected, and closely monitored by The Center. All new Recognized Experts must be personally vetted by The Center leadership or recommended by an existing Referred Expert.

The Center enters into agreements with the Recognized Experts to provide their valuable expertise, products, and services to nonprofits and funders within the Recognized Expert’s specialty area of best practices of The Center.

The Benefits of Becoming a Recognized Expert

The Center understands the great reward in helping nonprofits and funders lift their competency to achieve their objectives. We also know there are business realities for our Recognized Experts to create great firms today.

That is, Recognized Experts need a new and innovative way to attract new business and revenues for their practices to build even stronger firms to help their clients suceed in the highest and best way. Recognized Experts benefit directly in three significant ways. 

To see the Core Terms of our Recognized Expert Agreement, click here.

Special Note to Attorneys, CPAs, and other Licensed Professionals

The Center recognizes that certain licensed professionals like attorneys, CPAs, registered investment advisors, and others are prohibited from sharing revenue with others not licensed in their same profession. Because of this, The Center asks these licensed Recognized Experts to make referrals to The Center of their clients, prospects, and other Recognized Experts for services needs not in their area of expertise. Reciprocal referrals will be shared, when appropriate.

For more information and a confidential conversation about how you can become a Recognized Expert, please contact us.