Third-Party Validation

Be Confident In the Accuracy of Reported Progress and Outcomes

Independent monitoring and evaluation are available to provide objective third-party program validation of OpX360 assessments and predetermined objectives and milestones to give funders greater confidence and assurance.

More and more, nonprofits are required to share their ongoing operational competence and impact from the field with funders and other decision-makers. The options are to either have feet on the ground, leverage technology that simplifies the process of monitoring and evaluations, or a combination of the two. In any of these cases, funders feel a closer connection to the projects they support when they can actually see the impact of their donations demonstrated or validated.

In-Person Monitoring and Evaluation

There are times when in-person monitoring and evaluation is the best option. It is also the most expensive option. Best practices suggest that contracting with qualified individuals with Western management experience closest to the project or piggybacking on other business is the most cost-effective approach.

Impact Monitoring by Objective

A collaborative project management system is designed to give greater confidence to both nonprofits and their financial partners. This is accomplished through predetermined objectives, milestones, and regular updates without creating burdensome reporting requirements for the nonprofit.

Here is a sample plan in five simple steps:

  1. The nonprofit develops a formal project plan using a collaborative planning tool to assure project effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. The nonprofit submits the plan to the funder for consideration.
  3. The operational and project dashboards are populated with the project plan and made available to both the nonprofit and the funder.
  4. Ongoing executive review of pre-determined goals and milestones by both nonprofit and funder occurs.
  5. Formal updates and final reports are processed and created with minimal new effort on the part of the nonprofit.

The Impact Monitoring by Objective System allows for increased trust and collaboration between nonprofits and their funders. More importantly, it standardizes expectations and creates an environment for greater impact, operational excellence, and project success.

Investment will vary based on the size and scope of your nonprofit. Please contact us for a confidential no-obligation proposal.